1. The article claims that we can live without some of our senses, but not without touch. Why is this so? Give two examples where this proves true, one of which not being directly from the article (i.e. think of one on your own!).

2. What is transduction and why is it important?

3. What are the three basic signals that the skin/brain system is able to perceive? Explain how a person’s skin is likely to perceive “wet” if this sensation is not one of the three basic signals.

4. How does the skin of a person with psoriasis differ from normal skin?

5. What is the difference between a first, second, and third degree burn?

6. What are two ways doctors can repair skin that has been severely burned?

7. Skin color is produced by melanin, and everyone’s skin has roughly the same number of melanocytes, so how does the large variety of skin colors on earth result?

8. How do Botox injections reduce the amount of visible wrinkles? What is the active ingredient in Botox injections that causes this effect?

9. As skin ages, what are some factors that lead to an increase in the amount of wrinkling that occurs?

10. What is in salmon that may make skin firmer and possibly delay some of the wrinkling that occurs with aging?