Biology Links and Videos

Biochemistry Links
Carbohydrate tutorial
2. Lipid tutorial
Protein tutorial
Macromolecule tutorial (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids)
MOLO Protein Folding Tutorial
Enzymes: Competitive and Noncompetitive Inhibition
7. Enzyme catalysis
Metabolic/Biochemical Pathways and Feedback Inhibition
Enzyme Basics
Protein Denaturation
Enzymes and Substrates
Monomers, Polymers and Condensation Reactions
Hydrolysis Reactions
14. 3-D amino acids
15. Four Levels of Protein Structure (in 3-D)
16. Properties of water tutorial
17. Water as a solvent
18. Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways (cellular metabolism)
19. Amoeba Sisters (Enzymes)

Biochemistry Videos
Four levels of protein structure
2. Secondary structure of proteins
3. Enzymes and Substrates

Ecology Links
Food chains and food webs
Food chains, webs, and energy pyramids
Energy pyramid (marine ecosystem)
4. Carbon cycle animated tutorial   (Carbon cycle questions)
5. Nitrogen cycle
6. Effects of climate change
Population Ecology
Overview of ecosystem vocabulary
Investigate Biodiversity
Biodiversity Hotspots
Endangered Species (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
World Wildlife Federation
14. Massachusetts Wildlife Fact Sheets
15. Exponential Growth Simulation
16. Logistic Growth Simulation
17. Global Warming and Climate Change Interactive
Climate Change Primer (Woods Hole Research Center)
19. Human Population Growth
20. The State of Ecosystems
21. Plant Genebanks: Food Security
22. Fisheries Management (NOAA)
23. Ocean Acidification and Marine Biodiversity (National Geographic) article questions
24. Ecology Articles (Nature) article questions
25. How did we get so big so fast (NPR)
26. Keystone Species article questions
27. Massachusetts Audubon
28. Native plants of New England

Ecology Videos
Biodiversity (Temple University on Youtube)
2. Symbiotic Relationships
3. Habitat, Niche, and Competition
4. Ecological Pyramids
5. The Carbon Cycle

Cellular Biology Links
Interactive tour of the cell (
Cellupedia - interactive tutorial of the cell
Eukaryotic cell interactive models
4. Overview of cell organelles (animal cell)
Cell Membrane Structure
6. Lysosomes
7. Passive and Active Transport
8. Cell membrane tutorial
9. Cytoskeleton tutorial
10. The cell cycle
11. Stages of mitosis
12. Mitosis and cytokinesis
13. Cancer and the Cell Cycle
14. Cancer Warrior (video - NOVA)
15. Angiogenesis and Metastasis clip
16. Amazing Cells
17. Stem Cells (Nova Science Now video)
18. Nature of Stem Cells (Genetics Science Learning Center
19. Pluripotent Stem Cells Tutorial (Scientific American)
20. Stem Cells Tutorial (National Institutes of Health)   (Extra optional assignment)
21. Go Go Stem Cells (Genetics Science Learning Center
22. Online onion root tip mitosis lab
23. Understanding Cancer
24. Another overview of cell organelles (
Cell Cycle and Division articles (
Cancer animations and clips (HHMI)
Cell Cycle Regulation and Cancer (HHMI)

Cellular Biology Videos
The Cell Membrane (3D view)
2. The Cytoskeleton
3. Passive Transport
4. Endocytosis and Exocytosis
5. Stem Cells
6. The Cell Cycle
7. The Cell Cycle #2
8. How Cancer Develops
9. Angiogenesis

Anatomy and Physiology Links
Inner Body
2. Get Body Smart
3. Go to HERE for links on each system

Fetal Pig

1. Fetal pig anatomical pictures (high resolution)
2. Fetal pig anatomical pictures (1st half - labeled)
3. Fetal pig anatomical pictures (2nd half - labeled)

Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Links
Visual of overall reaction
2. Animated tutorial (advanced)
3. Metabolism (Mayo Clinic article)
4. Increase Your Metabolism (WebMD article)   (article questions)

Mendelian Genetics
Genetics Science Learning Center
2. Mendelian Genetics (How to do a monohybrid cross (Punnett square)
3. Mendelian genetics vocabulary
4. Mendel's Peas
5. Incomplete Dominance and Codominance
6. Sex-determination and Linkage
7. Meiosis

Molecular Genetics
What are genetic disorders?
2. Genes and Disease
3. Build a DNA molecule
4. DNA Replication Tutorial (advanced)   (Optional Assignment Questions)
5. DNA Replication Tutorial (basic)
6. Tour of the Basics (Genetics Science Learning Center) Tutorial questions
7. Transcribe and Translate a Gene (Genetics Science Learning Center)
8. DNA replication and Protein synthesis (interactive)
9. Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic Gene Expression (1st animation)
10. RNAi video (also good review of transcription and translation)
11. Cloning (Genetics Science Learning Center)
12. Gel Electrophoresis Simulation (Genetics Science Learning Center)
13. Epigenetics (Genetics Science Learning Center)
14. Epigenetics (NOVA)
15. Gene Switches (NOVA - click on interactive slideshow)
16. Cancer Genetics (American Cancer Society)
17. NCBI Gene (Genes and Mapped Phenotypes)
18. San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) Biology Workbench
19. Your Genes, Your Health
20. Complete overview of molecular genetics (NIGMS)
21. Insertion and Deletion Mutations
22. Help me understand genetics (from the NIH)

Genetics Videos
DNA Structure
2. DNA Replication
3. Transcription and Translation
4. Another Transcription and Translation clip

Evolution Links
Frequently asked questions on evolution
2. Evolution in Action
3. Natural Selection activity (Biology in Motion)
4. Understanding Evolution
5. Natural Selection of the pocket mouse
6. Molecular Genealogy
7. Speciation
8. Human Evolution and Genetic "Switches"
9. Evolution in Your Life (audio from NOVA)
10. Prehistoric Timeline (National Geographic)
11. Are We Still Evolving? (NOVA article)
12. Use of rRNA in determining evolutionary relationships
13. Natural Selection Simulation (PhET)

Evolution Videos
1. What Darwin Never Knew (NOVA)
2. Little People of Flores
3. Lice and Human Evolution

1. Science NOW Headlines (Up to the minute news in science)
2. ScienceDaily (Daily headlines in science)